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At Onpoint, our brand is our word. From the “road ambassadors” driving our unmistakeable red and blue fleet, to the warehouse operatives loading, unloading, ensuring the safety your goods, to the clerical staff deftly manouvering the labyrinthine corridors of red tape.
Respect is the ethos seared through every facet of the company by co-founders Anthony and Carl, contributing to Onpoint’s ongoing success in a keenly competitive marketplace. Respect for our people, respect for our customers, and respect for our competitors.
At Onpoint we are proud of our people, and proud of our services. And it is these indispensable qualities which collectively create the Onpoint brand.

Our people are our brand’s flagbearers and our drivers, in the unmistakeable red and blue Onpoint fleet, are our road ambassadors.

Onpoint Deliver Not Only Your Consignment –

We Deliver Peace Of Mind!