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Secure Storage

We provide secure storage for all types of goods at unmarked locations throughout the UK.  The security of your goods is our top priority and you can rest assure that all our warehouses are clean, dry and secure and monitored at all times.
We take away the burden of having to manage several different storage sites, their deliveries and other logistical concerns. We also have an integrated storage and collection service.

Our key features include:


  • Access is only through a gated access system preventing any unauthorised access.
  • We employ a state of the alarms linked to our CCTV system.
  • Our facility is completely surrounded by a robust fence to prevent unauthorised access to the land.
  • The site uses sensor lighting throughout the year as a deterrent to unauthorised access.
  • The site is shut down every night to enable us to provide the most robust monitoring.


4 New Mercedes Actros & 6 New Mercedes Sprinter Vans added to our fleet

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